0.Ubuntu 18.04 – make your life much easier, such as configuring Bluetooth .

1.i3bar – window management (Get rid of the nautilus desktop window problem.)

2.RIME – 中州韻輸入法引擎

3.tmux – multiple Terminal windows.

4.Visual Studio Code – the best editor.

5.Sublime Text – the second best editor.

6.Foxit Reader – the best PDF reader on Linux.

7.GIMP – Image editor, crop screenshots.

8.Zsh + oh-my-zsh, much better shell than the default shell tcsh in Ubuntu.

9.Tusk – unofficial Evernote client on Linux.

10.fzf – command-line fuzzy finder. 中文教程

11.ripgrep – better grep that recursively searches directories for a regex pattern.

12. htop – better top.

13. [Mac OS] Source Tree – Git GUI, visualise your code.

14. Planner – task management / TODOs.

15. Pomotroid – 番茄工作法

16. rich – rich text and table formatting in Terminal.