Installing SoX 14.4.2 on Ubuntu

I was experimenting with the Deep Speech model implemented by Mozilla, but the system (Ubuntu 16.04) tells me “Stderr: sox FAIL formats: no handler for detected file type `flac'”, which seems that the Sox do not support ‘flac’ format in the system library.

The default SoX version that we can install through apt-get on Ubuntu 16.04 is, which does not support FLAC audio format on my computer.

  1. Firstly, we have to install FLAC on Ubuntu:
    sudo apt install flac
  2. Then we have to install SoX from source:
    Download the repository from:
    Then open the folder:
    tar -xvzf sox-14.4.2.tar.gz
    cd sox-14.4.2
    Then configure:
    Finally, make and install:
    sudo make -s && sudo make install
  3. Then we can install pySoX and run the Deep Speech model! 🙂