Download ImageNet

It’s hard for someone who is not in a university or who is an engineer in a company but wants to do some research at the spare time to apply for a license for ImageNet.

Here are some quick and dirty tricks to download ImageNet, but I highly recommend you DON’T do so.

1. Academic Torrents

You can find some torrent links from this website: Academic Torrents

2. Download Tool – Thunder

Use some download tools such as Thunder to download the ImageNet dataset.

Copy those links into the download tool, and you shall be able to download them directly.

3. Use Other People’s Links

There are some links in this tutorial: Downloading, pre-processing, and uploading the ImageNet dataset

where you can find download links, such as


So you can use these links to download the ImageNet.

3.1 Use the Official Links

Inspired by the 3rd method, I found you can download using the offcial links as well.

Sometimes, you may need the Development Kit for LSVRC2012, which you can download from:

The download link for the Development Kit is:

where you can replace “ILSVRC2012_devkit_t12.tar.gz” with other files you want to download, such as:

Just follow the file list in the 2nd section and you will be able to download the dataset.

And it turns out that the links shared in the Google Cloud website, are the same as those official links.

Again, DON’T USE THOSE TRICKS as possible as you can.


  1. Google Cloud – Downloading, pre-processing, and uploading the ImageNet dataset
  2. 下载imagenet2012数据集,以及label说明
  3. ImageNet Labels
  4. TFLite ImageNet evaluation tool